I’m going to excusIMG_2696e myself from being absent for…ahem…a few weeks and blame it on culinary school. Because let me tell you, it is no easy feat going from sitting in a lovely back-supporting chair for 8 hours a day to standing on your feet for 6. And add moving to a new city to that, as well. New York City, which is quite a city. It definitely doesn’t give you any time to catch your breath, that’s for sure.

But as busy and no-nonsense and rough around the edges the city is, it can also be very beautiful and surprising. For example, after three weeks of concrete and steel as far as the eye could see, I went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. And wow. It’s great. (Ok, I concede I’ve also been to Central Park in the past three weeks, but this one is just so much less…known. And I loved it for that). It offers you views of the city you probably haven’t seen before. I mean, really, just look at the view of the Statue of Liberty. Have you ever seen her from that angle? I know I hadn’t. It was a refreshing look on something that is so ordinary to me now.

And what about this?IMG_2677 That’s the Brooklyn Bridge itself. I’ve only really seen it in a panorama view, never up so close. And it was magnificent. Now I just have to walk across it, and I’ll be set.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn (rumored to stand for “Down under the Brooklyn Bridge.” The “o” was supposedly added for aesthetic reasons). The park was great and full of life. There were birthday party goers and sunbathers and tourists alike.IMG_2670 And where else in New York City can you see scenes like this: IMG_2686

Very few places, I’d imagine. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is scenic, but dynamic. And it offers views of the city very different than what you’ll get on postcards. And that’s precisely why I’ll be back.