I started this blog to document my time in culinary school in New York City. But, unfortunately, I’ve only got a handful of posts to account for my time there. Eight months  later I’ve moved back to DC and decided to resurrect Moxie & Marmalade.

I went to school to learn about health-supportive cooking — vegan, vegetarian, “whole foods.” It was a fantastic experience and I learned amazing (and terrifying) things about food and our food system in the US. After a brief stint interning at a restaurant, I’ve begun working at bakery, ostensibly turning my back on everything I learned in school. No whole wheat flour, maple crystals, or coconut oil used there. And I’m just fine with that. I don’t plan to forget what I learned in school, though! I’ll include recipes and tips here on all things health-related.

And, of course, I’ll include exquisitely unhealthy food and recipes. Because it’s all about moderation. Welcome back.

“What is it you really like to do?”

“EAT!” — Julia and Julia